Business insurance questions

1What is business liability/commercial general liability insurance?

Business Liability Insurance, also known as Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance, protects your business from common liabilities. This is the basic form of business insurance. CGL should be carried by all businesses, small or large, because businesses face liabilities every day. The only way to protect your assets is to carry adequate business liability insurance. A CGL insurance policy is the first line of defense against many common claims.

Although general liability insurance policies differ, depending upon the coverage you choose, general liability insurance can cover claims of bodily injury or other physical injury or property damage. It is frequently offered in a package with property insurance to protect your business against incidents that may occur on your premises or at other covered locations where you normally conduct business. CGL enables your business to continue operations while it faces real or fraudulent claims of certain types of negligence or wrongdoing.

If you have only one form of business insurance, it is most likely Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance. There are four basic categories of business liability; be sure to ask your insurance representative about coverage for: bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury.

2How do surety bonds work?

Surety Bonds - also known as contractor’s bonds – are generally used in freelance work, and private or public trust. In business, a surety bond is an agreement between a client and a business owner for the work that is being performed.

For example, surety bonds are often used in the construction industry. The general contractor (or freelancer) must provide the owner of the business (person he is working for) a bond for his performance of the terms of the contract. In addition, business owners and contractors may also provide payment bonds to make sure subcontractors and suppliers are paid for their work. Surety bonds are an essential protection for many industries in California. NGI provides surety bond coverage with “A” rated companies.

3What is E&O insurance (errors and omissions insurance)?

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance is also known as professional liability insurance. E&O insurance protects your business against loss from a claim of alleged negligence in the performance of your professional services. E&O insurance is valuable coverage for many industries, including realtors, accountants, architects, engineers, commercial printers and food service.

4What types of coverage does NGI offer for commercial vehicles?

Commercial Auto Insurance is a vehicle insurance policy that provides financial protection for a business' vehicles and its drivers. Employees involved in on-the-job collisions will receive coverage for medical injuries as well, regardless of fault. Here’s a short list of commercial auto insurance offered by New Generation Insurance. Please contact us for more information.

Truck Insurance - We insure local truckers, owner-operations and truckers driving the 13 Western states. We also insure long hall truckers, including Florida and New York. NGI is expert at providing coverage for commercial drivers with good or bad driving records.

Supplemental Insurance for Truckers - NGI provides truckers with primary liability, cargo insurance, physical damage, Workers’ Compensation and medical insurance. We have relationships with multiple carriers, so that we can shop the best insurance price and options. NGI also provides insurance for small fleets.

Other Commercial Vehicles - New Generation Insurance is a one-stop insurance resource for commercial auto insurance. We provide:

  • Tow truck insurance
  • Dump truck insurance
  • Food trucks insurance
  • Taxi cabs insurance
  • Pizza delivery vehicles insurance
  • Company minivans insurance

5What is Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Workers' Compensation Insurance covers your employees' medical and disability expenses related to work-related illness and on-the-job injuries. Employer's Liability coverage, also included in these policies, protects your company should an employee claim that his or her injury or illness was caused by your company's negligence or failure to provide a safe workplace. Workers' Compensation Insurance is required by regulation in most states when you have W2 employees. In some states the requirement may include that you cover your 1099 contractors. In some states, owners, officers, partners and other principals can decline to participate in their own companies' workers' compensation coverage.

6How often should I shop for insurance coverage?
We recommend reviewing your insurance policies annually. Contact NGI today for a free review: (800) 458-0987.

Home insurance questions

1Can I get insurance if I have been dropped by another insurance company?
It is possible to find coverage after bring dropped by another insurance company. NGI works with many insurance providers. We will look at your situation and match you up with the best plan options for you.
2Do you have insurance for homes with a history of claims?
Owning a home with a lengthy claims history can drive up your rates, even if the claims were not yours. Let our experts evaluate your situation and shop for the best coverage and rates available for your situation.
3Is there insurance for vacant homes?
Yes, short-term coverage is available for vacant homes. This type of coverage is designed to protect you from losses that may occur when a home is unoccupied such as if you have moved out of a home that you have for sale.
4Do you have insurance for high-risk homes?
Some homes are hard to insure due to being located in disaster-prone areas, age of the home, claims history, pets, pools trampolines, etc. NGI will evaluate your situation and shop for the coverage that fits your needs.
5How often should I shop for insurance coverage?
We recommend reviewing your insurance policies annually. Contact NGI today for a free review: (800) 458-0987.

Personal auto insurance questions

1Can I get reasonable insurance if I have DUIs?
NGI works with multiple forgiving carriers, and our agents will work hard to get you the best rate. NGI specializes in helping you with your auto insurance needs – regardless of your driving record. We’ve helped drivers who have DUIs, multiple violations or have been cancelled by their insurance company.
2Can I get insurance if I have been dropped by other insurance companies?
By working with several insurance providers, NGI can shop around and find the best price and coverage for your insurance needs and offer you personalized insurance coverage that works for your special situation.
3Do you have insurance for "high risk" drivers?
Yes. We can find the best coverage for those with multiple violations, DWIs, high risk, motorcycle insurance, DUIs and those who have been cancelled. Contact us for a quote today to find out how NGI can help you get reasonable insurance.
4How often should I shop for insurance coverage?
We recommend reviewing your insurance policies annually. Contact NGI today for a free review: (800) 458-0987.

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Source: California Department of Insurance